This Boy

Good morning. I thought I would break the new releases up a little bit and not word vomit all in one blog post. :-) There are a lot of new releases to show you in the up coming days. I am really excited about them all. Halloween, boyish things, and templates. That says La'Shawn scrappy heaven if I ever heard it.

First up is this new release by Bella Gypsy Designs. I chose to work with the boy kit, because, well duh. There is a super cute girl kit as well. I never pass up on a boy kit. There seems to be more out there now than when I first started scrapping. That was about 6 years ago. There was much more pink, glitter, and flowers to be found. So, whenever I saw a boy kit, ANY boy kit, I grabbed it. I guess that has stuck with me. There is a lot more out there for scrapping boys now. Makes me happy. I showed you the sneak peek yesterday. Here is This Boy.

Of course, here it is in all the La'Shawn glory there is. Gosh, these two. I actually had someone think that the blonde one was my youngest. (only from FB posts). It has to be because these two are glued to the hip. I have so many photos of them together. This is one of my favorite ones though. I am so glad that my sister and her family lives right down the street from me. Since Bug is an only child, it makes growing up not as boring. :-)

I also have a set of templates to show you today from Little Bit Shoppe. I didn't get a chance to scrap with them, yet. I have been uber busy this week and sleepy. So, if I am not running around like a mad woman, I am catching some z's. That doesn't mean I am not going to scrap with these awesome templates. If you are a template scrapper (or not!), these are for you. Check out Rainy day Templates!

There you go. Some great new releases from some of my favorite designers! Don't miss out. You know how the sales go with new releases. I am off to hunt down a snack. :-) happy scrapping!


Sneak Peek Time!

Good afternoon! I am here today to show you a peek (with some possible winning!) of designs to come in the next few days.

There are two new releases coming from Bella Gypsy. You can take your chance to win them HERE. You can also get a pretty good idea on what they look like, below. If you know me and my scrapping, you gotta know that I am in scrappy love with one of them. These will hit the STORE tomorrow.

Next up are a set of templates from Cornelia Designs. I am a template heavy scrapper. Cornelia's templates make any layout stand out. They are not your normal-everyday templates. These will be in her Gingerscraps and Mscraps store Friday. Check them out!

Last, but not least is the new release from A-Manda Creation. There is a chance to win this one as well. You can check that out HERE. This spooktacular release will be out in her stores Friday. I can never has too many Halloween themed kits in my life. Just when I think I am getting tired of them, someone creates another awesome kit I just have to have. I never run out of photos to scrap with them, either. My son LOVES Halloween. So, check this upcoming kit's peek out!!

Well, that is all I have for today. I will be back later on with a bunch of new releases for you to oogle over. I am an enabler like that. :-) I am off to a local Fall Festival. Gosh, I love fall!! :-) Have a scrappy good evening! 


Wandering Freebie!

Good evening. I did mention something about a freebie, right? These days just got away from me and I completely forgot to post the freebie that I told you I would. So, I am just going to jump right to it.

 Click HERE to download the freebie. 

Thanks for stopping by again. I will have some new releases up this weekend. 


Sleepy Giggles & Rainbows!

What?! What kind of blog post title is that? Well, today I have some new releases to show you. The title works. You'll see. I am going to jump right into it.

Click HERE to see all of Bella Gypsy's newest items.

Click HERE to see all of Bella Gypsy's newest items.
These, layouts are brought to you by Bella Gypsy. :-) Well, by me, but using some of BG's newest items. Hands down, still, one of my favorite designers! What did I use? Well...

This super cute and colorful kit. I have one more layout in my head that I will be using this it for. See that word art, "I'm not tired" yeah...I hear that about every night and it needs scrapping! I also used...

this beauty right here. I really wish that I could have made that banner work for the layout I had in my head. I think I will have to come back and make another layout with this. Just for that banner...and maybe that word art with the house on it. Pretty much sums up my life! By the way, there is another kit I didn't use this week. How can you go wrong with scrapping and bacon?!? You can't! You can check out the ones showed above and everything else, HERE.

Check out the kit and collection, HERE!

I did mention rainbows, right? Well, this kit is packed full of all those lovely colors and a little something else. I have a boy. We haven't gotten into the loom thing. I know it is super popular though. Now, if we were talking Ninja Turtles or Star Wars, I would have to spend a solid hour narrowing the photos down. lol.  Check out...


Woven Rainbow by A-Manda Creation. How fun is this kit?!? Bright colors and awesome patterns. I had a blast using this layout. I thought a b&w photo would stand out against all this color.

Anyway, that is it for right now. I have a ton more new releases to show you tomorrow. Also a freebie! woo hoo! So, stay tuned


Monkey & Crunchy Leaves

Good Saturday morning!! I am sitting here on my bed watching College Game Day. Gosh, I love football!! I love that my hubby and I can sit together, yell together, and have fun together watching football. Kiddo is starting to enjoy himself. Creating a monster, I'm sure.

I didn't come to talk about football, really though. I came over to show you some Digilious Designs! I will get right to it. Not only do I have football today, I have to clean. Always with the cleaning!!

You can check this kit out (and collection) HERE. This isn't one of my better layouts. I'll go ahead and say it. I really wasn't feeling scrapping this day. I needed to get it done though. I am thinking that I am going to re-do Bug's baby book. Scrapping this page caused me to come to that decision. I am really excited about re-scrapping those pages.

I didn't get the chance to scrap with these kits, yet. So many Autumn kits coming my way. You know how I like that!! A solo kit by Digilious Designs and a Double Scoop with her and Heather Roseli. eeek! I cannot wait for more kits like this to come my way and HALLOWEEN! These are such pretty kits! You can check out Woodland Whispers HERE and this fall...HERE.

Have a great rest of your weekend. I'll be back next week. Don't forget the freebie on yesterday's post!


New Release Friday, Topped with a FREEBIE!!

Goooood Friday morning, everyone!! Seriously cannot tell you how happy I am to have the weekend upon us. Not that this week been terrible. Just long. Being sick for 3 weeks finally got to me this week. Not to mention lovely women things to top it off. Sigh. However, I am ready for this weekend. To have lots of fun with my guys....IN THIS BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!!

As I mentioned, it's Friday. For the most part, that means new releases in the digital scrapbooking world. I get super excited about new releases. It is like waiting for a cool sale all week and it finally happening. I hop from store to store window shopping and buying. So, here are a few to make your window shopping and buying a bit easier!! :-)

purchase at: GS | SNP

Let's start with a bit of celebrating. Did I mention that I turned 31 at the start of September? No? Well, it's true. I am now 31 years old. whaaaat?!? So, when I saw Ponytail Designs' newest kit, I knew exactly what I wanted to scrap. Me!! :-) I have been scrapping a birthday layout to myself every year since I've been scrapping.

Purchase HERE

Guys!! It is actually starting to feel like Autumn around here. I am so excited. I know. I know. I've talked about Autumn before. I just love it though!! I really love this wood-grain background paper that is in Shmooangel's newst kit. It was perfect for scrapping some of my favorite photos of Bug. 

Purchase HERE 

Shhhheee's back!! I was on Cornelia's team the last time she was designing. I am such a huge fan of her fun and funky templates. Your layouts will stand OUT with these!! And...and...and...she is designing kits now too!! Look at this kit!!! It screams happy!

Purchase HERE

This kit was perfect for me at this stage in my life. CHANGE IS GOOD! October 1st will be one year since I walked away from a job of 8 years. It was so scary. Little did I know, change IS good....great actually. This is a statement kit! Got something to say? Perfect!! (not to mention, like all of BG's kits), you can use them for anything!

Hmmm...I mentioned something about a freebie, right? You deserve it after making it through my rambling. Sheesh. I can talk! :-) Here you go. Remember all the way up to the 1st kit I showed? This goes along with it. Have fun!!

You can download by clicking the image above or HERE


Dreaming of Autumn & a FREEBIE!

Good Monday morning!! I thought I would stop by this morning and show you some super designs along with perking your Monday up with a freebie! I know something for free always perks me up. :-)

I mentioned the other day that I love Autumn. It's true. I do! I also enjoy a great Fall kit. I get super excited when I see a really pretty kit. So, imagine how excited I was when I got my hands on this one!! If you are not familiar with Ooh La La Designs, let me introduce you. This is a designer that packs her kits FULL of elements and paper. Probably the most elements per kit I've seen from a designer. I always have a hard time widdling down what I want to scrap with. lol. I just want to jam my layouts full of all the elements.

Falling Slowly by Ooh La la Designs. 

Here it is in all La'Shawn glory. ;-)

To go a different part of my life...sleeping. I've mentioned before that I LOVE to sleep. My guys are not really different. I love to watch them to sleep. Bug is a lot like his Daddy. It shows so much when they sleep. I've walked into a room before and they were in the bed, sprawlled out, and their knees up in the air. 

This isn't a new kit, but I think if you have kids or sleep yourself, this is a great kit. You know, if you are like me and scrap everything. I just love the soft colors and the elements are super cute! Makes me really want to pull out photos of Bug sleeping as a baby. 

Dreamy by Ponytail Designs

Cute, right?!? I didn't go with a baby photo. I had to go with one that I took the other night. Sleeping like 100% boy. 

I did mention a freebie, right? I'll get right to it. Here is a bit of word art using Dreamy. If you hate doing title work (like I do), this will help you with your Dreamy layouts. I hope you like it. You can click the image or HERE to download your freebie. 

Have a great Monday and rest of your week. I should be back later this week with some more kits and layouts.