Dreaming of Autumn & a FREEBIE!

Good Monday morning!! I thought I would stop by this morning and show you some super designs along with perking your Monday up with a freebie! I know something for free always perks me up. :-)

I mentioned the other day that I love Autumn. It's true. I do! I also enjoy a great Fall kit. I get super excited when I see a really pretty kit. So, imagine how excited I was when I got my hands on this one!! If you are not familiar with Ooh La La Designs, let me introduce you. This is a designer that packs her kits FULL of elements and paper. Probably the most elements per kit I've seen from a designer. I always have a hard time widdling down what I want to scrap with. lol. I just want to jam my layouts full of all the elements.

Falling Slowly by Ooh La la Designs. 

Here it is in all La'Shawn glory. ;-)

To go a different part of my life...sleeping. I've mentioned before that I LOVE to sleep. My guys are not really different. I love to watch them to sleep. Bug is a lot like his Daddy. It shows so much when they sleep. I've walked into a room before and they were in the bed, sprawlled out, and their knees up in the air. 

This isn't a new kit, but I think if you have kids or sleep yourself, this is a great kit. You know, if you are like me and scrap everything. I just love the soft colors and the elements are super cute! Makes me really want to pull out photos of Bug sleeping as a baby. 

Dreamy by Ponytail Designs

Cute, right?!? I didn't go with a baby photo. I had to go with one that I took the other night. Sleeping like 100% boy. 

I did mention a freebie, right? I'll get right to it. Here is a bit of word art using Dreamy. If you hate doing title work (like I do), this will help you with your Dreamy layouts. I hope you like it. You can click the image or HERE to download your freebie. 

Have a great Monday and rest of your week. I should be back later this week with some more kits and layouts. 


An Apple a Day & Potty-time!

Good morning. Well, nearly afternoon. I stopped by today to show you some new designs from Digilious Designs. They are super cute & you don't want to miss out on these!! They are 20% off today.

I had these photos from years ago. The apple was about as big as his noggin. He loves to do things on his own though. 

I'm a Big Kid Now by Libby Pritchett & Digilious Designs

Bug might hate me for this later in life. If you know me, you know that I think most everything in life is worth being scrapped. Worth being remember. That is just how I function. I am the one that carries a camera around all the time. I am taking photos when no one else is. 
So, this is one of those times. 

That's it for today. I have more releases to show you at a later time. Along with that freebie that I promised. I have a lot to do today though. Clean, grocery shop, football, a birthday party, and spend time with my family. So, scrapping will have to take a backseat today. 


It's Fall Ya'll!!

Yep, I am back to blogging here. I've taken a step back (for a bit) from my personal blog and picked up scrapping again. Boy, I couldn't be happier. I missed scrapping so much!! I've joined a few more creative teams. They are on the sidebar over there.

I also have to say that Autumn is one of my most favorite scrapping times of the year. It might have something to do with the fact that I just love Autumn. However, the kits are more beautiful to me and I just have to scrap with them all. However, just to start out, I will show you a few of them that I have been scrapping with this past week.

FESTI-FALL by Bella Gypsy Designs

Of course, here is my layout: 

Harvest & Hayrides by Digilious Designs

In all it's La'Shawn glory. :-) 

So, there you go. A few layouts so far this Autumn. Although, it isn't really Autumn feeling here in Georgia. We are still hitting near 90 degree days. The evenings have this slight cool feeling to them though. Don't think that the warmer weather has stopped my from inundating my life with all things pumpkin. I would drink/eat pumpkin flavored stuff year round. We might also have some of our Halloween decorations up too. "Hi, my name is La'Shawn. I am Bug's mom and he is obsessed with Halloween!" lol .

That is all for today. I will be back here soon with some more layouts and a FREEBIE!! Whaaat?!


Text! Don't Call!

I know. It is soooo, rude. However, I just left a job (of nearly 8 years) of 12 hours on the phone. I do not like talking on the phone. So, someone better be dying if they call me! Unless you are my MeeMaw. She doesnt know how to text. I will answer if she calls. ;-) 

I just knew what I had to scrap with Bella Gypsy's newest kit/collection. 

There is a BUNDLE and COLLECTION as well. 

Here is my page:

Have a Merry Christmas everyone! 


Merry Magic

 Good afternoon!
I come bring Christmas cheer! :-)
Autumn is my favorite time of year. It is also my favorite kind of scrap kits. Just love them. Then, there is Christmas. I absolutely love scrapping Christmas photos and using Christmas kits. It is almost like opening a gift every time I unzip a kit. Never knowing what exactly is inside. All those Christmas goodness! 

Check out 

by Bella Gypsy Designs

Here is my merry layout using this magical kit...


Almost a Year!

I really had no intention of a year almost passing and not writing on this blog. I have been doing a lot of blogging on my personal blog. I think it is time to freshen this blog up and get some words flowing! So, I gave this blog a make-over and now..for the words. 

What a great time to get started back into scrap-blogging than Black Friday!! 
There are a lot of great deals going on. 
Check out a few: 

Merry Little Christmas by Bella Gypsy Designs

Light The Night by Bella Gypsy Designs

A Guy Thing by Bella Gypsy Designs


Snowy Santa Elements by Bella Gypsy Designs and Kristin Aagard Designs

There are some great sales going on too!!
Check out: 

Farmer's Market at Scrap Orchard! Get some Great Bella Gypsy designs at a great price! 


Happy Scrapping!


Basket Case!

Good morning! I told you I would be back. :) 
Just too much digi-goodness not to be!!

This week Bella Gypsy has a great new kit & bundle out. Just in time for Easter coming up. Which by the way, that happened way too fast. Wasn't it just Christmas?! 

Colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and fake easter grass all over the floor! It's Easter time! This digital scrapbook collection is full of colorful Easter and Spring goodies perfect for layout after layout of your little sweeties!

and here is my little bucket head that makes me a basket case sometimes. lol

Have a great weekend!! 


So Busy!!

Good morning! I hope this finds everyone well. For me and mine, it finds everyone but the hubby getting over tummy sickness. blech. I seriously would rather be ill with anything else but that! 
Anyway, I didn't come here to tell you about my sickness. That would be no fun! I came to tell you about some fun Simple Girl Scrap goodness that is out! 

"A Busy Life" by Simple Girl Scraps
Today is the last day for each piece being $1!

and don't miss out on Simple Girl Scraps sale going on right now:

I hope you are having a great week so far! 
I will be back later on this week...whaaat?! lol...for some more digi goodness!